Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gents Style Academy

Hey Guys!

Picture this: pretty girl, with really nice hair, a neat dress, nice makeup, pretty shoes, smells great.. She sounds attractive and interesting.. Right? It works the same way with us girls. What's the first think you notice in a guy? His smile? Or is it his hair? His eyes? His shoes? What? I've been asked this question A LOT and I've never given a simple answer.. I'm always trying to choose just one thing but the truth is that I notice EVERYTHING. I like to call it: "the combo". I notice the way he dresses, if his jeans fit him correctly, if his ears are clean, his smile OBVIOUSLY, his teeth, his hair, his hands, the way he walks.. Everything. But I have to admit that one mayor turn on or turn off is the way he dresses. If he's got style, it is more likely for him to catch my eye.. And I think I'm talking for every single girl in this world when I say that. If you know how to dress you are most likely to get the girl. Am I right? You bet I am!! Don't get us wrong, it isn't about being superficial. A guy that knows how to dress and that is always looking neat tells us more about himself. You can get a hint of what he likes to do, IF HE'S CLEAN, if he is into sports or not... You know, those kinds of things. It is super important for you to look great on a first date. It's super important to always look good, you know, first impressions. Do you believe in first impressions? You never know when you are going to meet the love of your life and, personally, I'd like to be prepared. So, for the time you think you've met the one, try to spend more time on yourself. When going on a date, try to wear shirts. Shirts have a thing on us, they give us the impression that you wanted to look good for us. A tshirt tells me that you were in your house playing video games when suddenly you remembered and just brushed your teeth and left. We know that shirts are not comfortable, so we appreciate the effort. If it's a casual date you can wear a nice pair of jeans and your favorite sneakers. NICE SNEAKERS PLEASE. You can add a subtle touch by adding a blazer. I've said it before, WE LOVE BLAZERS, AND GUYS WEARING BLAZERS ARE NO EXCEPTION! Bonus points if it gets cold and you offer your date your blazer, A+ if it smells real good. A++ if you read this and are willing to give it a try or make it part of your lifestyle. Let me know how does it go with the girls!!

Xoxo, Sophie. 

Model: Leonardo Campos (instagram: @l_campos) 
Photos by: Andrea Sanchez (instagram: @andreeitas)
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