Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flowers & Ruffles

Hey guys! What's up? How's your week going? I'm really amazed, time is just flying by. It's Wednesday already! I'm trying to go international here so from now on I think I'm gonna write in English.. Do you agree? I really don't know if you guys read all the crap I write but I enjoy writing so I ain't giving up on that. Lately, I think we've all been like: "what's up with the crazy weather bro?" 'Cause seriously we've had it all! Cold days, rainy days, sunny days, windy days.. you name it! So it has been kind of tricky 'cause you never know what's going to happen later, if it's going to rain.. Or nah. Despite of the weather, today I feel like flowers and ruffles. Don't you love flowers and ruffles? They're so girly, I love girly things. Sometimes I can be perceived as a tomboy 'cause of my personality but I just love clothes and shoes and pink stuff. Well, today I'm wearing a short dress in burgundy paired up with a denim vest. I just love how a simple piece like a denim vest or a denim shirt can change your whole outfit. What I love the most is that it gives the outfit this super fresh, no problem, rebel kind of look. How awesome is that? I added a statement necklace in pastel, powder blue, 'cause that's what's in. Also, the shoes I'm wearing are kind of my favorite. I bought this pair of booties maybe like three years ago and they are as good as new. This color, cognac, looks so good with almost every other color so you can basically wear it whenever you want. The purse is a cross body purse in a similar color. Really simple. Whatcha think? Would you wear it? What do you think about me writing in English? Is it weird? Let me know! Dying to hear from all of you guys! Hope you enjoyed and liked it! Xoxo, Sophie.

Photos by: Andrea Sanchez (Instagram: andreeitas)
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  1. Hi Sophie!!
    Nice to see this kind of changes in your blog because i'm sure that other people want to know more about you. And it's better if it's in another language!
    BTW so cool and keep going!!!

    1. Hi Gerardo!
      Thanks for all the nice compliments, you are really nice. I'm glad you like the new changes even though they still feel kinda weird.. Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog! Big hug for you!!