Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vintage Treasure

Hey guys!

I was wondering, how do you consider a fashion piece, vintage? Like, does it have to be old? Or old-fashioned? Or what? I bought this purse at a thrift store. It has a vintage air, is it because it's old? Or is it the print? I looked it up in the dictionary and this is what I got:
  • used to describe something that is not new but that is valued because of its good condition, attractive design, etc.
So something vintage is something that is not new and that is in a good condition. I definitely own a vintage purse. I love vintage stuff for its uniqueness. I consider myself a shopping hipster, I went thrift shopping before it was cool. I have always loved the idea of having unique and vintage clothing or accessories and the only place that has offered me that is a thrift store. Not everyone likes the idea of buying used or old stuff but I like to see it as a treasure hunt. I don't go thrift shopping, I go treasure hunting. Everything I get at a thrift store is a treasure for me. I love how the things I find complete my outfits. Whenever I go to a thrift store I try not to go with something specific on my mind, I just go and see what I can find. The problem is when you want to find something specific; maybe you will, but you probably won't and you'll get disappointed. Go with an open mind, and you'll pay attention to a whole new world of things or treasures as I call them. 

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.

So go ahead and give it a try! 

Xoxo, Sophie. 

Photos by: Andrea Sanchez (instagram: andreeitas)
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