Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I went to La Antigua (L.A. Get it?) the other day. I don't go to Antigua that often, maybe once every two months (?). Everytime I go to Antigua, I experience this fiambre of feelings as I like to call it. I feel ecstatic with a little bit of sadness. Maybe because I see the necessity in people's eyes. I don't look like someone sensible at all, or maybe I don't act like it, but I cry a lot. I don't usually cry when I'm sad, mostly when I'm angry. And I hate crying in front of people, you know, in sake of appearances. I have to hold my tears when I see old people asking for money or kids begging you to buy chewing gum, and don't get me started on movies. I cried watching The Notebook, Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo and Toy Story 3. I hate it when I feel like crying because I try not to, so at the end my face hurts. I wish I could buy chewing gum to every little kid and give money away but I can't do that, not to everyone. It sucks because I feel like I'm being unfair. I think I've become more sensible over the years. My heart is changing and I'm grateful for that.

ANYWAY.. I had a wonderful day. It was sunny and the sky had this tonality that I'd never seen before and the fact that it was cloudless made it able for us to see the volcanoes and mountains that surround the beautiful city. It was really hot though. I went to church in a way I've never gone before. Just like in the movies that you just go in and you pray, there's no one around.. You know? I had so much to be thankful for and so much to ask for too. I kneeled myself and I let it all out. I asked God if he could lower the temperature a bit. I went over to every saint there. To be honest, it felt so good. After that we went to eat. Right now I'm on a diet but I can have a cheat meal once a week. I'm trying to have a cheat meal once every two weeks and I had one that day. We went to a restaurant called Lava. They sell some good burgers. I'm not a burger fan at all but those burgers are really good. I had a "la Diabla" burger with chipotle and peanut butter (it was heavenly but spicy as hell) and my friend had a BBQ burger with bacon and caramelized onions.. We exchanged halves so we could try both. I had mine with some crunchy onion rings! I have to say I'm in love. A piece of advice, if you are dating someone (not in a relationship just dating) don't go there! You'll end up a little bit messy and finishing up all the napkins. After that we went for a walk in the park (central park lol). We were so full we weren't able to move. We sat on a bench, chit chatted.. When suddenly the sky turned gray! God listened to my prayer but he took it a little bit too far. It started raining so it was time to go home. I had to go to crossfit and I was still feeling bloated. I think I'm going to stay away from burgers and fries and onion rings for a while since I almost throw up during the WOD (1 rft. TC 30 minutes. 90 double unders, 80 air squats, 70 abmat sit-ups, 60 nasties, 50 med ball cleans, 40 kettlebell sumo deadlift high pull, 30 med ball slams, 20 pull-ups, 10 handstand push-ups and 5 rope climbs). Another piece of advice, don't eat crap before working out. 

I had a blast. I experienced going to church in a different way and I liked it. Having that alone time with God in his house felt like I belonged there. I can't wait to go back even if I have to bring cash and try not to cry, I'll try but I can't promise anything. Next time I'll probably go in a tank top and try to help the local economy as much as my wallet lets me. I won't ask for a nicer weather or I'll be more specific about what I want. And I'll definitely go for a healthier lunch such as chicken breast, vegetables and water!

Thanks for reading!
Xoxo, Sophie. 

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