Thursday, July 24, 2014

Coming Clean

Hey guys! I wanted to explain the reason why I haven't written anything in the last few posts. IT'S SO BORING! I hate writing describing what I'm wearing, do I really need to explain it? If I'm wearing shorts it's obviously because for me it was hot enough to wear shorts! If I'm wearing a blazer and a scarf it's obvious that I thought it was cold enough to wear that! Right? "I went for these shoes because I thought they would look cool, and they did! I love the result! I love how the lace makes it look more delicate and give my outfit that "something feminine" I was looking for." Seriously? Of course I loved the result enough to wear it and be photographed wearing it. I'm sorry, I'm not trying to offend anyone. It's just my opinion and that's just how I roll. All I want is to inspire you, to help you create an outfit by giving you guys some ideas on how I would wear something. I think that here in Guatemala, we don't have that "reading culture", we just enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the captions. I'm going to keep on writing, don't get me wrong. Whether you read me or not, I love writing. The thing is that writing about random stuff and trying to attach it to fashion and merge it.. It's exhausting and reeeeaaaally complicated. I'm just going to write about other stuff, like God, diets, CrossFit, places, my day, my deepest and darkest thoughts... Things that have nothing to do with outfit posts. I needed to write this, to explain this to you. Do you agree with me? Or nah? I'm so excited about this. So, keep tuned! Have an awesome day fellas! 

Xoxo, Sophie.

P.S., here are some random pictures I took today while writing this, things that got me inspired and shit.

Photos by: my iPhone
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